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Is West of Ireland Golf accredited to any organisation?

West of Ireland Golf’s partner tour operator Fairways and FunDays is a member of the IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators) and the IGTOA (Ireland Golf Tour Operator Association).  Fairways and FunDays is Failte Ireland (Ireland’s governing Tourism authority) approved and works closely with Tourism Ireland, the Golfing Union of Ireland and the Confederation of Golf in Ireland.

What is the background of West of Ireland Golf?

West of Ireland Golf was incorporated in March 2017 and has already a proven track record in relation to Golf and Leisure Tourism.  The founders of West of Ireland Golf have extensive experience within the Irish Golf and Tourism industries.  West of Ireland Golf’s partner tour operator Fairways and FunDays was named as “Ireland’s Best Inbound Golf Tour Operator” at the prestigious World Golf Awards in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

What is the connection between West of Ireland Golf & Fairways and FunDays?

West of Ireland Golf has partnered Ireland’s best golf tour operator Fairways and FunDays to ensure that we deliver the highest levels of customer care to all of our valued clients.  The experienced team at the multi award winning Fairways and FunDays deal with all enquiries and will be your direct point of contact from the time you book your tour until your tour is over.  Fairways and FunDays have extended the services of a 24/7 Tour Director to all clients on West of Ireland Golf Tours.

What can I expect from a West of Ireland Golf Tour?

Expect to be amazed, expect magical memories and expect the most fun and enjoyment that you will ever have on a Golf and Leisure Vacation.  All of our Tours allow clients to experience the very best of the West of Ireland, including World Famous Golf Courses, Spectacular Scenery, Amazing Activities, Magnificent Accommodation, Exhilarating Evening Entertainment and the famous Warm Irish Welcome.

The West of Ireland Golf & Fairways and FunDays experience sounds incredible.  Are the tours very expensive?

We are so confident about our best available pricing that we offer our unique 110% Price Promise.  This Price Guarantee means that if you can get the same tour from another Tour Operator at a lower price, we will match that price AND give you a 10% Refund!

There will be some Non-Golfers in our Group.  Is that a problem?

We actively encourage Non-Golfers to travel to Ireland with their golfing partners.  Fairways and FunDays is the only Golf Tour Operator who design customised itineraries for non-golfers who are travelling as part of a group.  Our experienced team design itineraries in a unique manner which allows Non-Golfers to enjoy incredible customised activities while the golfers in the group play some of the Ireland’s best golf courses.  Golfers and Non-Golfers can then collectively enjoy visits to some of Ireland’s best attractions and enjoy Ireland’s world famous exhilarating evening entertainment. Perhaps the “Non Golfers” would like to become Golfers during their visit to Ireland?  Perfect – we can organise “Learn to Golf “ clinics for Beginners.  Have a look at our “Birdies and Beginners Tour.”

Our incredible tours are perfect for Golfers, Non Golfers and a combination of both.

Are your Tours suitable for Families with Children?

Yes, all of our tours can be customised for families with children of all ages.  The West of Ireland is a truly magical place for young and old.  Whether your young ones like Fairies, Horse Riding, Surfing, Dolphins, Exploring or Adrenaline filled activities, Ireland has it all and our team can customise your Ireland Tour to keep your young ones very excited.  Ireland also offers a fantastic range of Child Friendly evening entertainment which we include in Family Itineraries.  Our team take care of all logistical arrangements for your family including Hotel Arrangements (Cot Hire, Family Rooms etc.), Transportation Requirements (Hire of Children’s Car Seats etc.) and Family Friendly Dining options.

If you would like to travel to Ireland on a Family Golfing Holiday, have a look at our amazing “Families and Fairways Tour” for some inspiration!

Do I need to make Sightseeing, Activity and Restaurant Reservations?

Our team take care of all reservations for you so you can concentrate on your golf and on enjoying every second in the West of Ireland.  All sightseeing, activity and dining reservations are customised to best meet the requirements of your group.

Our tours are about you relaxing and enjoying every moment of your vacation, so sit back, relax and enjoy the tour – we’ve got everything taken care of!

What Transportation Options do you offer?

We offer Self Drive Tours (Rental Vehicle) and Chauffeur Drive Tours (Private Tour Driver and Luxury vehicle).

If you are on a tight time schedule or want to reduce travel times, we also organise Private Luxury Helicopter Transfers.

I would like to play other courses in addition to the seven member courses of West of Ireland Golf.  Is this possible?

Yes, while West of Ireland Golf offers the seven best golf courses in this region, there are over 40 other golf courses in the West of Ireland and over 400 other golf courses on the island of Ireland.  Our team can arrange golf at any of these courses and other associated elements that your group may require outside the West of Ireland (accommodation, meals etc.).

I am on a limited Budget.  Can you help?

Yes.  We can design customised tours to best meet your requirements and budget.  Tell us your budget, tell us your interests and we take care of everything else.  Regardless of your budget, we can promise you a magical and unforgettable West of Ireland experience.

How many people in a Group can you work with?

Our experienced team can work with individual travellers or groups of any size from 1 to 200! 

Do I require Vacation/Holiday Insurance?

It is imperative that as on any holiday, you always obtain Vacation/Holiday insurance.  In the event of being unable to travel due to medical or personal reasons Holiday insurance will reimburse a considerable amount of the costs which you have paid.  Suitable Holiday Insurance will also cover the unlikely event of any injury, illness or loss during your visit to the West of Ireland.

For EU clients we strongly recommend that you obtain a European Health Insurance Card (free of charge) which will ensure that you can receive medical treatment in Ireland in the unlikely event of illness or injury.

What happens if there is an emergency during my tour?

All clients of West of Ireland Golf will have direct 24/7 access to a Tour Director in the event that a member of your group has an emergency during their stay.  Our experienced Tour Director will be on hand to offer immediate advice and assistance. 

How can I travel to the West of Ireland?

There are several international airports in Ireland

  • Dublin (East)
  • Belfast (North East)
  • City of Derry (North)
  • Shannon (South West)
  • Cork (South)
  • Ireland West (West)

There are 4 principle ferry ports in Ireland

  • Dublin Port (East)
  • Dun Laoghaire (East)
  • Belfast (North)
  • Rosslare (South East)

Ireland West Airport is located in the heart of the West of Ireland and offers direct flight access from 9 UK airports and from a number of other European airports.

How can I pay for my Tour?

We offer a number of payment options which are outlined in our Terms and Conditions.  In summary, we offer the following payment options:

  • Credit Card/Debit Card (3% Fee applied by Credit Card Company)
  • Bank Transfer (No Fee associated)
  • PayPal (3% Transaction Fee applied by PayPal)

Do I have to pay a deposit to book my Tour?

Yes, we require a 25% deposit at the time of reservation.  The balance of the payment for your tour is required a minimum of 8 weeks prior to arrival in Ireland.

What happens after I reserve my Tour?

You’ve reserved your Tour? Fantastic, look forward to the most memorable Golf and Ireland experience available.  After you reserve your tour you will be appointed a dedicated Fairways and FunDays Tour Director who will take personal care of your reservation until you arrive in Ireland.  This Tour Director will be on hand to deal with any queries that you have and will contact you with updates by email a number of times before you arrive in Ireland.  These updates include Pre-Departure Check List, Weather Updates, Course Information and any other relevant updates.

After you reserve your tour you will be given private access to your reservation online which will show your itinerary, your payment schedule and allow you to make stage payments if required. 

Fairways and FunDays have introduced the most user-friendly reservation and post-reservation systems within the Golf Tourism Industry.

How can I contact West of Ireland Golf?

You can contact West of Ireland Golf in a number of ways

  • By telephone – +353 45 871110 (International) or 0800 088 5523 (Toll Free from UK) or 1800-7799810 (Toll Free from USA and Canada).  These telephone calls will be directed to our partner Tour Operator Fairways and FunDays
  • Speak with a member of our customer support team online at
  • By email –
  • On Twitter – @westirelandgolf
  • On Facebook –

You may opt to Receive a Call Back from a member of our team at a time that is suitable to you.  Simply contact us by email, online or though Twitter or Facebook and provide us with your name, your telephone number and what time is good for you –  a member of our team will then call you.

What happens if my plans change after I reserve my Tour?

If your plans change you should contact a member of our team as soon as possible to inform us of your updated travel plans.  We will endeavour to make all changes necessary to your tour but changes are strictly subject to availability.  We do not charge for minor changes to Tour schedules.  However, if travel plans result in major changes to the tour and cancellations to tour elements, all cancellation charges are imposed by suppliers will be passed on.

What can I expect from the weather in the West of Ireland?

In Ireland, we are extremely fortunate that we rarely have extremes of weather, with temperatures very rarely becoming too low or too high to enjoy golf.

Our mix of mild weather with adequate rainfall ensures that the standard of Golf Courses in Ireland is exceptionally high.

As with all European countries, our warmest weather is from May to September.

Summer daytime temperatures rarely rise above 25C (77F), and Winter daytime temperatures rarely fall below 5C (41F)

Ultimately, once prepared for the factors, the West of Ireland presents ideal weather conditions to enjoy a perfect golfing holiday.

What are the Golfing Hours in the West of Ireland?

As a rule, daylight hours will allow for Summer Golf from 7am to 9pm, and Winter Golf from 8am to 5pm.  At the height of Summer, golf courses in Ireland will open from 6.30am to 10pm

What is the Currency in Ireland and what payment methods are allowed in Ireland?

Ireland is in the Euro Zone.  There are a vast number of banks in Ireland (opened from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday) that offer Foreign Exchange Facilities.

The vast majority of retail outlets, restaurants and hotels accept all of the internationally recognised credit and debit cards.  It is also possible to use most Credit Cards and Debit Cards to withdraw Euro from ATM machines.

What can you tell me about Driving in Ireland?

In Ireland we drive on the left hand side of the road.  Ireland has an excellent road infrastructure with motorways connecting all our major cities.  Rural driving in Ireland is a very enjoyable experience and while rural roads are narrower, they are maintained to a very high standard.

If you have chosen a “Self-Drive Tour” it is imperative that all members of your group who intend driving bring their Driving Licence with them.

There is strict enforcement of the Rules of the Road by the Irish Police Force (An Garda Siochana) and offences such as Drink Driving, Speeding, Dangerous Driving and Using a Mobile Phone/Cell Phone while driving, are dealt with harshly.

We provide Complimentary use of Satellite Navigation systems on all our Self-Drive Tours.   

Is it necessary to “Tip” or give gratuities in Ireland?

In Ireland, tipping is not compulsory.  However if you have enjoyed a very good experience with any service provider (Driver, Caddy, Waiter, Hotel Staff etc.) it is customary to provide a Tip as recognition for their professional assistance.

Can I hire a Caddie for golf in the West of Ireland?

Caddies are available at all seven member clubs.  Pre-booking of caddies is essential.  Our team can take care of Caddie Reservation on your behalf and payment of caddies is directly between the client and the caddie.

As a general rule, Caddies cost from €40 to €50 for a round of golf.  Most caddies will “Double Bag” (cater for 2 golfers) at a price of €60 to €70.

Are there any specific Golf Course Requirements in the West of Ireland?

Our team will reserve specific Start Times at each of the courses which you and your group will play (you will have this start time a number of months in advance of your tour).  It is imperative to arrive at the golf course in ample time.  During busy times, if you are late for your designated Start time you may not be allowed on the course

The majority of Golf Courses in Ireland no longer require Handicap Certificates (if you hold a Handicap Certificate it is always advisable to bring it with you).

Providing that you are familiar with the basics rules of golf and course etiquette, golf courses in Ireland are only too happy to allow you to play.

If you are relatively new to golf please inform a member of our team who will be glad to recommend golf courses that are more suitable to novice players.

All golf courses in Ireland require that you are properly dressed, namely:

  • Smart casual dress
  • No sports shorts
  • No collarless shirts
  • Golf Shoes with Soft Spikes (Golf Clubs will normally have a facility to change these if required)
  • No denims

In Ireland the use of Mobile Phones/Cell Phones while on the course is prohibited

Can I rent Golf Equipment in Ireland?

Yes, if you wish to hire golf clubs during your visit to Ireland, please contact a member of our team to arrange preferential weekly rental rates with an Irish based Golf Club Hire firm.  This option allows you to collect a high quality set of clubs upon your arrival to Ireland and return these clubs as you depart.

Most Golf Clubs provide a Club Hire facility which normally costs €30 to €50 per round.

Most Golf Courses also offer Golf Buggies (normally €25 – €40 per round) and Pull Trolleys (normally €3 – €5 per round) to hire.  During busy periods it is essential to pre-reserve Golf Buggies if required (we can do this on your behalf).